My Twilight Tablescape at The Orange County Fair!


Here is my very first tablescape at the Orange County Fair! I’ve never entered anything at the fair before, so this is kind of exciting for me! The theme of the table is “Twilight Romantic Picnic in The Meadow” (in case you haven’t read my other recent posts about it)

To help recreate the meadow scene from the movie ‘Twilight”, I used a lot of moss for the center piece. I covered two picture frames with moss and little bits of purple status flower. I laid layers of loose moss under and around the pictures and vase. I filled the vase with moss and glued moss onto the tree branches which I first painted green. I also bought some faux moss covered stones from Target. Boy, that’s alot o’ moss!

Do you remember the opening scene from Twilight, were Edward catches a deer with his bare hands? I found a vintage, deer shaped salt shaker at Goodwill to place next to his glass of “animal juice”.

I don’t know if my table setting was the best one, but I do know that it was the tallest one. :O) This was a little idea of mine to help draw the judges attention to my table.

A horrifying discovery……… after setting up my table, and taking pictures, I discover that my table cloth isn’t perfectly straight. I was afraid to fix it because I think that I would have had to start from scratch again, and I didn’t want to chance making a big mess with the moss. I’m not sure just how picky the judges are, but I saw some of the participants measuring their table cloths with rulers, now that’s hard core!


10 thoughts on “My Twilight Tablescape at The Orange County Fair!

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  1. Good luck at the fair! I will have to stop by and see it. I love the moss idea and the butterfly was the perfect touch. I also liked the one glass filled with the red beads – very creative.


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