DIY Drop Cloth Slipcovered Couch


When my husband and I bought this couch, we didn’t have any kids and only had one small cat. Now we have two teen aged boys and four cats. It has been a plan of mine to make a slipcover for this couch, not because I want to (it’s 18′ long) but because I need to! Because of it’s unique length and shape, there aren’t any pre-made slip covers that will fit it. Below is a before picture, It was becoming soiled looking even though I cleaned it a lot.

Below are the after pictures. I’m really happy with the drop cloth canvas I bought in the Home Depot paint dept. I bought two of the largest sizes and the entire project cost me $60.00.

All I did was pre-wash the fabric once and follow some online tutorials I found on making your own slip covers. *(I didn’t follow any particular tutorial, I’ve just read a few over the past year, and had it in my head of what to try) I’m not the best seamstress at all, but I took my time (about 2 weeks) and it was pretty simple.

The canvas is surprisingly very soft, yet very durable. I love the color and texture of it and it looks natural and beachy.

Even making the matching cord trim was easier than I thought. The whole couch is less formal and cosier now.


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