A DIY Couch Slip Cover




This is my second (and probably not final) post about a project I finally
finished. I wanted to share it again in case anyone missed it. I’ve seen people make drop cloth curtains, which I really liked. It got me thinking about using a drop cloth as a frugal, beachy type of sofa cover.

I knew I might be a little over my head on this one but, I totally took my time and referred to several other blogs on the subject of making your own slip covers. I didn’t use any one particular tutorial, they were all basically the same.

My couch is “L” shaped and 18′ long! So there just aren’t any pre-made covers available that would fit it, or I would have gladly invested in them. If you think that a few of these pictures are confusing, just picture me trying to figure out what I was doing without a pattern!

I pre-washed the canvas then, tuck, cut, pin, cross your fingers!

This is a close up of the old and new fabric.
We bought this couch before we had kids and four cats so, my household is now too busy to live with out a couch cover. I found it too challenging to keep my off white couch clean. But the couch has good “bones” so I didn’t want to get rid of it.

By some miracle, the humongous slip cover turned out pretty well, I think. I’m really glad now that I didn’t spend a lot of money on a new couch or expensive pre-made slip covers. Sometimes it pays off to try something new.

The fabric is surprisingly soft, yet durable. And I like the color a lot.

It now looks and feels more casual and cozy.


21 thoughts on “A DIY Couch Slip Cover

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  1. wow you did such a great job and the covers look so comfortable and wonderful, love that the fabric was so cheap and durable, gotta love it…Love all the beautiful cats, my cat tina has her own blog, come visit…I will tell tina to feature your beautiful kitty family if that is ok with you…Phyllis


  2. OMGosh…what a beautiful job you did here on these slipcovers…they look stunning! Thanks for coming to my NTT party…hope to see you here next week:)



  3. Are you kidding me? This is fantastic!! I'm bookmarking this. I have a sectional that I recently bought. It's dark brown and well, it feels too dark. Maybe a slipcover for the warmer months?? Funny that I would even consider this because I was all too excited to get rid of my old, slipcovered sofa!


  4. So funny! I just found your blog and saw what an amazing job you did on your slipcover! I actually just threw a 9' x 12' dropcloth over my couch and tucked and safety pinned the sides together. I am a no sewer and I wish I had the talent to sew mine. We will see how the covered sofa stands up to all the kiddos and the hubby! Yours looks fabulous!


  5. Where in the world did you find that beautiful coffee table I'm totally crushing on it and I'm desperate to find one like it! Love your dropcloth slipcover idea, I must give it a try!


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