Pottery Barn Inspiration

Look what got for free from Freecycle!

“Emma” dishes from Pottery Barn!

Here is a page from the Pottery Barn Spring catalog. I love this tablescape. I decided to try something similar in honor of my “new” Pottery Barn dishes.

I really like the tags they used on their glasses, and made my own version with scrapbook paper.

I used double sided paper and now have another set by flipping them over.

I found the yellow silk tulips at Walmart.


13 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Inspiration

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  1. I LOVE your dishes. I LOVE your tablescape. You did a fantastic job…if not better…of pulling off the look you were going for. What a great tablescape. Kudos to you!!! Lori


  2. Mary, this is amazing! You got Emma dishes for free?!! Okay, you convinced me to sign up for Freecycle. I don't know if I will EVER get anything like you did but I will give it a try. I love your recycle mindedness. I am the same and I think the world is just too wasteful. We need to do more recycling. Your blog is fantastic and I will read more and look forward to more of your posts! I'm glad I found you!


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