Corona Del Mar Tide Pools


In honor of the first day of Summer, I decided to share some pictures I took last Thursday at the tide pools. My husband and I took advantage of having the day off while the kids were at their last day of school, Heehee. We take them here plenty of times, but it’s nice some time’s with just the two of us.


Here are some more enemies and some golden seaweed and green sea grass. Corona Del Mar has a lot of seaweed which is good for the marine life.

I love the color of the golden colors in the rock, and the little critters with round flat shells are a type of sea snail, like abalone.

The water is so clean and clear and the rocks are so lovely.

These are a type of barnacle, waiting for the tide to come in.

Such beautiful colors, I really love coming here.

This is a portion of the tide pools that you can actually take a dunk in, it’s like a private little swimming pool!

23 thoughts on “Corona Del Mar Tide Pools

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  1. Dear Christian,
    Beautiful photographs. Tide pools are such fun to explore as they are always full of life.
    Many thanks for commenting on my giveaway post.
    Have a lovely week. XXXX


  2. Thanks for the pictures and a reminder to me, I need to get out more! There is so much right here to see at our beaches. I'm still in awe it is the first day of summer tomorrow!

    Take care, Sue


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