My husbands Homemade Van Halen Frankenstein Style Guitar!

He cut it out and carved everything himself.

He taped off and painted it in different stages.

And he did all of the electronic work too!

He did everything just buy copying this Van Halen DVD.

It looks like an exact replica, very impressive!





10 thoughts on “My husbands Homemade Van Halen Frankenstein Style Guitar!

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  1. Thank you! It's pretty nice when I can get someone else to do the work and I get all the glory!!! YES! As you know, a lot of time and work went into building those guitars. I was just so impressed that the Grandson stuck with it and he knew what he wanted it to look like and did it. Your hubby applied the most wonderful finish to his, that took a lot of thought and time…..hey, they should get together and Jam!


  2. Your hubby's guitar is freakin' unbelievable!!!! At our house, we are very big on Eddie VH, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, etc, etc and metal in general. My husband and son will be very impressed! Great job and I love your blog!


  3. Thank you so much for featuring me, Mary! I love your woodsy bulb arrangement on the sidebar… it's beautiful… I'm inspired! I'm going to share that awesome guitar job with my guitar-playing monkeys around here… they will love that! Have a lovely weekend… ~ osc


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