Happy Memorial Day!


And happy Memorial Day weekend to you!  How blessed are we to have men and women who fight for our great country so that we can enjoy our great freedom? I pray a blessing on each and everyone of them and their family’s. And I pray that we never forget those who gave their very lives for it!
I’ve been busy still out in my side garden, so I still haven’t had time to do much crafting. I did manage to make a little something though……..

While at the Home Depot gardening department, where I now live, lol,  I spied some cute little terracotta pot saucers, And I thought they’d make cute Summery patio coasters.

They were more than easy to make, I just white washed them with a little paint and glued felt dots on the bottom side. I really like how they turned out, sometimes simple is the best!

I grouped them into a little Memorial Day vignette, my first Summery display of the season.


23 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Beautiful vignette, Mary. The coaster, pot holders are so pretty, so chippy. Who would have thought that they could turn out like that?…Christine


  2. You really had a great idea there with the terra cotta patio coasters. I'll have to remember this next time I'm at Lowe's or Home Depot. I think your MD vignette turned out great. Thanks for hosting a great party.
    Happy Memorial Day!


  3. Mary, your coasters are a great idea. Your Memorial Day vignette is charming with the Mason jars, starfish, and flag. I think I'll go add some flags to my little group of Mason jars. 😉
    Thank you for hosting each week. ~ Sarah
    Did you find all of the beach glass on the beach? Beautiful collection.


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