Easy Paint Chip Crafts For The 4th of July

I keep meaning to make a craft using paint chips. You’ve seen it done all over blogville, right?  Pure genius I say!

So while at the hardware store, I picked up a lot few…….

I found a template online and cut out a bazillion stars….

I glue stick-ed stars together in groups of three and used some blue tulle ribbon to make a patriotic banner.

I hot glued the the star clusters to every knot I tied with the tulle, which made it easy to glue.

Next I used a glue stick to glue two different paint chips back to back and squared them off by cutting them 5″X5″ to make them into pin wheels.

I used a stapler to fasten the center of each pin wheel and hot glued silver pipe cleaners to cover the staples. I hot glued the pin wheels to paint stir sticks.

Craft 1~Pin Wheels
 Craft 2~Banner
 Craft 3~Candles
 Craft 4~ Picture Frame Inserts 

And here it all is together, mixed with things I already had around the house.






Do you like my patriotic angel? I found her at a yard sale months ago for one dollar! :O)








18 thoughts on “Easy Paint Chip Crafts For The 4th of July

Add yours

  1. Thanks for the pretty ideas! I will make them next year. I love the pin wheels and your angel! I just posted my Patriotic tablescape for this week and I'm so proud! Thank you so much for hosting this great party, early enough to link my Red, White and Blues! Lots of hugs and see you Monday! FABBY


  2. Brilliant! I'm off to the paint store, I've been meaning to get samples in red, while and blue! Love your holiday decor.'
    Thanks for hosting too………..

    The French Hutch


  3. Your room makeover is really awesome. But it has to be bittersweet. You gave you son the best wings he could ever ask for, and now it is his time to give them a try. Thinking of you.

    Take care, Sue


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