Frugal Gift Wrapping With A Coastal Flair

I hope you’ve had a nice weekend.  I’ve been doing a little Christmas crafting with maps.  As some of you may remember, I hit the mother load of free maps on Freecycle awhile back. I also scored some five sided pieces from an old geography game, from a yard sale. If you don’t have any maps, I’ve seen them sold used, with the used books for sale at my library. Not that I think you live anywhere near my library, but maybe one near you has ‘um. They were only 10 cents each! Can you even get ANY thing for 10 cents anymore?

I made them coastal by using nautical maps for the stars glued to ocean game pieces for the tags.  Tying them up with twine and seashells. Finished off with a sprig of cypress picked from our yard.

I used different maps of California to wrap the gifts in.

These would be fun to do using maps from other States or Countries and decorating them in that theme.  The possibility’s for customizing them are endless!



21 thoughts on “Frugal Gift Wrapping With A Coastal Flair

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  1. I love your wrapping paper. What a great idea and so original and keeping with where you live. I never seem to have the energy or time to wrap lovely gifts any more, but always enjoy seeing them and I do love yours!


  2. thanks so much for hosting! I love the pink maps 🙂 they are such a great medium to work with, aren't they? Our local library has a thrift shop right when you walk in the door, and I am always scouring their map file for fun stuff like this! Fabulous!


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