Nautical Map Table Scape for Christmas

It has been pretty “mappy” around here since I hit that free
motherload of maps a while back!

And as you may or may not know, I’m a firm believer in making due with what you have.

I like to “shop” my own home and use things I’ve had for a long time in new ways.

I like to get most of my ideas from you guys, my fellow bloggers.

And from free catalogs, like Pottery Barn. I love PB!

And I’m inspired by things in my past. My home growing up and my Grandma’s house.

A little inspiration from here a little inspiration from there.

It’s like discovering yourself through decorating.

Making your home…..

into a comfortable space…..

which encourages feelings of joy and peace….

not only at Christmas time…..

but all year long too.



5 thoughts on “Nautical Map Table Scape for Christmas

Add yours

  1. What a neat table you set!! Love the use of maps! Your candles on the silver tray look lovely also!

    So fun to see my subway art as one of your features!! Thank you so much!

    Merry CHRISTmas!


  2. Mary, I am so totally proud to have my serving tray cocoa station featured here. Thanks so much!!! I'm always ogling your beachy decor. My husband tells me we cannot decorate our home like a beach house if we do not live near the beach. (A girl can dream!) Love your aesthetic and LOVE that you shared my project. Many wishes to you for a BRIGHT New Year.


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