Coastal Cowgirl & Shabby Coastal Bracelets


Sometimes I like to pick through those piles of broken jewelry pieces at flea markets, looking for something interesting.  I found this cow skull bolo tie holder for 25 cents.

I really had no idea what I was going to do with it, until I decided to make a turquoise leather wrap bracelete.  I spied it in my jewelry making supplies and on a whim decided to use it finally.

This is going to be fun to wear to the beach this Summer and the rodeo at the Orange County Fair. I found the directions to making this on It was so super easy to do, too.

Shabby Coastal

I love fresh water pearls as much as I love turquoise.
I think I want to make a few more using some colored pearls, grey or pink maybe?



14 thoughts on “Coastal Cowgirl & Shabby Coastal Bracelets

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  1. That bracelet using the cow skull is so unique! I'm wishing I could happen upon a cow skull now. Well, if I knew how to make jewelry too!!! Very beautiful pieces you created.


  2. Your bracelets are gorgeous. I like turquoise and pearls mixed together. You could wear there two together or make one that mixes the two.
    Thanks for hosting! ~ Sarah


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