A Curbside Christmas Find


There’s nothing I like more than a curbside find, except for a curbside Christmas find!

Hubby found these silver glitter reindeer for me.  It took me awhile to figure out what to top the antlers with, because they have candle holding spikes in the center of the candle holders. 10 on each one!
I’m pretty sure that the previous owner got rid of these because they require a total of 20 dripping candles. I almost put them back at the curb because of it myself.

But they go with my decor so well and they’re free! So I decided to use upside down Christmas balls, some tinsel and some bows around their necks.
I put some flameless candles at the bottom of the vignette…….

along with some coastal elements……

and some sparkly bling.



17 thoughts on “A Curbside Christmas Find

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  1. I love your Christmas decor! I love the free reindeer, I would have taken it too, I love cute free stuff!

    Thanks so much for the party! I've linked up my Hot Buttered Rum.

    Melissa @ The Alchemist


  2. Hi Mary!
    Oh…I just love your curbside treasures. I can't even imagine tossing them. You have given them a new home and they look quite happy surrounded by all of you beachy decor. The feathers, glitter and seaside charm…I love every inch of it!
    Have a Merry Christmas and while we are shoveling snow I hope you'll be getting sand between your toes!
    Thank you so much for hosting!
    Smiles and blessings,
    Carolynn xxx


  3. Thanks so much for hosting your party for us, Mary! I adore your curbside find…what a great husband you have to be on the “lookout” for you. I've been inspired by your curbside finds and got brave enough to stop and sneak a child's piano off the curb last week. We are going to rehab it in time for our grand daughter's Christmas visit.


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