Happy 15th Birthday!

Our foster daughter recently had a birthday and I had a lot of fun decorating for it!She turned 15 and I wanted to do something special. I used a lot of book pages and sheet music to create some unique decorations.

I hung paper flowers made out of vintage clothes patterns.

I used black and white/vintage white and a little pale pink.

I made a banner from gift wrap and book pages.

This is my all purpose black vinyl banner I reuse over and over again.  I use removal stickers or taped on paper.


23 thoughts on “Happy 15th Birthday!

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  1. How very sweet, Mary. I am sure she must have been thrilled. My mom raised a foster boy and he lived with us for many years. I lost contact with him and he saw my brohter's death in the paper just by a fluke and we reconnected. I never realized what an influence we kids had in his life all these years. I know you will be blessed for all you do for this wonderful girl- xo Diana


  2. What a beautiful setting—I bet it was a wonderful party! Hope you had a nice weekend. Thanks for the party. I'm hosting my Homemaking Linkup Weekend and would love to have you join, if you haven't already!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller


  3. Hi Mary,
    What a wonderful bunch of memories you have lovingly created for your foster daughter! She will remember them for a life time.
    Thank you for sharing all your beautiful decorations!
    Carolynn xo
    Thank you so much for hosting each week. I love popping in!


  4. WHat a wonderful birthday party you set up for your foster daughter. i am sure she just loved it! I do! I love sheet music and book pages so so much! Great banners…the wrapping paper banner and your reusable banner…both great!! Thanks for hosting!!


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