The Magic Of Twinkle Lights


Last week I showed you Christmas in my entryway. This week I’ll show you Christmas in my dish cabinet next to the entryway.

I love the look of white twinkle lights! 

They transform anything into something magical looking.

 Just an ornament or two or three………
 And some sprigs of greenery………

And you’ve got yourself an easy and inexpensive Christmas display.

This year, I’m trying to concentrate on simpler decor options…..

by just adding simple touches to what is already there,

instead of the  major overhaul type decoration of years past.

I’m planning on trying to enjoy more holiday festivities this year.

I love Christmas time! And I want to squeeze all of the fun I can get out of it.

But not only do I want to have fun, I also want to have time to relax. To enjoy the warmth and peace of Christmas time.

And I want to have energy to help out this month at the soup kitchen at my church, it’s sad to be too tired to give, because giving is an important part of Christmas. 

I hope that you find your own balance this holiday season,

And however you celebrate it, I hope it’ll be fill with joy, love, excitement and rest.



13 thoughts on “The Magic Of Twinkle Lights

Add yours

  1. Hello Mary
    This is so clever – I'm inspired – thank you!!!
    You're right, I want to be more relaxed this Christmas too without the usual hullabaloo and excess stress!
    Your cabinet looks gorgeous.
    Thank you for hosting your party – I'm joining for the first time in ages!
    Shane xo


  2. Wow, Mary, I LOVE your cabinet. All those warm lights and silver and green – so special! You have a unique talent for bringing out the beauty in everything. Thanks for the inspiration.


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