Neutral And White Christmas Decor

I posted my home tour yesterday and I already showed my lamp and buffet area in it, along with the rest of my house.  But it was just a smidgen of it, so I’m going to just show more close ups. 

I’m really enjoying using the roll of easy mask that I found in the garage awhile back. It’s pretty good for crafting and I would have never thought of buying it for that purpose! 
I used it for a banner for both of my Christmas trees, and here, along with some book pages, I used it to decorate my lampshade. 

I added a driftwood garland wrapped in silver tinsel garland and some snowflakes behind the lamp. 

On the arm of the lamp is a large snowflake I purchased last year for 50 cents! It’s from the 99 cent store after Christmas sale. It looks really vintage to me.  

At the foot of the lamp I added mercury glass ornaments, sea shells and glittery trees and votives. I tucked a bottle brush tree inside a sea shell.  

To the left of the lamp, on the other side of the entrance to the living room is my Grandma’s buffet table. And just like the rest of the house this year, I’ve kept it simple.

I bought this little porcelain  statue at Goodwill recently. I’m trying not to buy anything new, But I couldn’t resist how cute it is. And it was very inexpensive too. 

I turned this candle pillar holder into a winter wonderland using bottle brush trees, a glass ornament and sugar for the snow. 


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