Patio Table Upcycle


Hi Everyone! I hope you’re having a very splendid weekend. I’ve been busier than ever, with this project and that. Not quick, little crafts, which I love. I’ve been tackling big, necessary DIY Projects.  The kind that take up a lot of time and energy, but also make you so happy once they’re completed!

First though, I’d like to show you our hummingbird nest in our avocado tree. The first picture I took only contained one egg. I wondered what happened, because there’s usually two. The following week, there was the second egg. That makes sense, of course the mother bird would only lay one a time, duh.   Aren’t they precious? We get a nest every year on this branch. 
O.K., Now that you’ve seen a couple of cute pictures….here’s some ugly ones.

Someone gave me this antique table base for free and it’s been living in the garage, waiting to be upcycled.  I absolutely love it, but I didn’t have room in our house for another table.

This is the patio table we’ve been using. It was a free curb find. It’s too big for this space and the paint is chipping. I wanted to try to repaint it, but the glass top isn’t removable and would be so hard to paint.
Here is a new curb found patio table top. Super easy to paint 
and the perfect size for our patio and the antique table base. 

 I removed the wooden nob on lower half and saved it for another project. Then hubby drilled holes in the upper and lower parts. I spray painted the base and glass top with black glossy, rust resistant outdoor paint.  I spray painted the underside of the glass.

The table now goes with the chairs we have, which were also curb finds a few years back.  

 The top of the glass has a mirrored look and since I only sprayed the underneath, you can still see the original white detailing. 

I dressed it up with a table setting and some succulents I’ve been busy potting.

All of our plants are curb finds and so are the pots! I’ve been transplanting a lot to make more free plants. Here are a few which I’ve added around the “new” patio table:



22 thoughts on “Patio Table Upcycle

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  1. That beautiful antique table base looks perfect with that new glass top and it's fantastically unique and all yours! Love it, Mary! Thanks so much for hosting. Have a wonderful week.


  2. How wonderful to have that sweet little nest close to your house – do let us know when the Hummingbirds hatch!!!
    What an inspiring DIY makeover!
    You are a clever collector of kerbside junk – the sold base is gorgeous and perfect for the glass top!
    I love your aqua colored glass plates – so perfect for Spring.
    I can imagine many happy hours spent around your table sipping a glass of wine or a coffee!
    Thank you Mary for hosting – I don't often have anything worthy of a post but thought I would join in this time with 'glimpses from my Easter'!


  3. Awesome table! I can only imagine how cozy it is to sip a cup of coffee in the morning and place your breakfast on that cute table. I wonder if you also have other interesting tables inside your house. Could you please share some of them to me? Thank you so much! 🙂

    Wacky Brown


  4. I found your site from the Dedicated House Before and After Wednesday Party. I love your solution for the patio table. And the tablescape is lovely, I love the aqua plates. I joined as a follower and I thought you would not mind if I linked my last post (more Easter). We celebrate the holidays(including Easter) when they are actually going on. Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for hosting…. Candy


  5. OMG…you found some great things on the curb. I would love to ride along those curbs. They look awesome. I love the table. The humming bird nest is so adorable. Thanks for hosting a great link party.


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