DIY Coastal Decor Tutorial

Hi Everyone!  I’m back again with another project inspired  from my  Model Home Tour.
Last week I posted about my Lamp Inspiration from the model home tour. This week I recreated this box and octopus display below……..
 I was fortunate enough to find this plastic toy octopus at a thrift store for $1.99. The plastic sea turtle I found at a yard sale for .25 cents. I decided to also make a small turtle box as well.

For the boxes I decided to make over this tissue covered cigar box and a small oval shaped plain cardboard box I’ve been saving.

Now, as for painting, I would suggest spray paint made to cover plastic. However, I don’t currently own any, so I wanted to see if I could get away without buying it.  I experimented by simply trying some white interior paint I got for free from the recycle center. It went on thin and didn’t cover well at all. I knew it would take forever and a lot of coats to cover. So I tried mixing half paint and half white school glue. It worked better than I ever thought it would and completely covered in one coat!

I loved the pattern on the inspiration box. I wanted something that looked like marble or stone for my recreation, and I choose this scrapbook paper called turquoise and rust. For attaching the paper, I used school glue and a paint brush. Super easy.

I had enough paper left over to line the smaller box and for the outside, I used the remainder of paper from this project.

For the inside of the octopus box, I used and ocean inspired paper that I already had.

This box is perfect for tucking away the tv remotes. The other one is going to store guitar picks.

The books I used for this vignette were also purchased at the thrift store. I thought it would be amusing in particular to use 20,000 leagues under the sea!

I love both of these coffee table books!



14 thoughts on “DIY Coastal Decor Tutorial

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  1. Wow! Your boxes with the painted sea creatures look so VERY high end! Great job. Thanks for passing along those ideas. Your California book reminded me of the fun ride we took recently at Disney World called “Soaring” where you feel like you are flying over parts of California…it was wonderful. Thanks for hosting your party for us!


  2. Oh my, Mary, you come up with the most original creations. Love the turtle and octopus! Thanks so much for featuring my lamb dish – so kind of you!
    Trying to do this on my phone while I'm on vacation so hope it all works, lol. Take good care!


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