Christmas at Roger’s Gardens 2014

Hi Everyone! Today I’m taking you on another tour of Roger’s Gardens. This time, it’s their annual Christmas tree display. I am totally in love with the Christmas wreath¬†above! How clever they are to start with a golden star burst mirror as a base? Wow.

There are really too many pictures to show you. I had to really narrow it down and my post is still pretty long. Everything is beautifully decorated inside and out at this lovely nursery.

This tree is completely covered in handmade felt ornaments. Each one is adorable and these look like they would be fun and easy to replicate at home.

Very cute Christmas signs! Again, pretty easy to make at home with a scrap of wood and a little paint. I like the “Today I will be jolly” sign.

This tree is just covered in yummy Christmas treats, makes me gain 5 pounds just looking at it. I love the glass jars with the treats inside.

They have dozens of these pretend ginger bread houses, adorable!

The tree I loved the most is this sea shell tree!

I also love love, love these shell balls and beachy Santa.

I also liked the Norwegian style tree, with it’s beautiful unpainted wooden ornaments.
And many other trees with handmade ornaments, in neutral shades with gold or silver added.

Thank you for taking this holiday tour with me, I hope it inspires you!


12 thoughts on “Christmas at Roger’s Gardens 2014

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  1. Hello cute lady! it is always a pleasure to be a part of your party. Thank you for hosting. Please join us at our party on Monday at 7 pm. We would be thrilled to have you! Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls


  2. Beautiful inspiration photos. I love the felt ornaments. I have a few on my tree and have given some to my sister for her tree because she has young grand children.
    Thanks for hosting each week.


  3. Oh my goodness, Mary – your pictures are so beautiful! I am in love with that wreath too and I am going to make one – it's so special!
    Thanks so much for hosting. You throw the best parties!


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