Make A DIY Stencil


I’ve had this cute little wooden box in my craft room forever, waiting for me to figure out just the right purpose for it.

I decided the other day to make it into an easy last minute Christmas gift, by using a hand drawn stencil and some painters tape. You can easily download an image you like and cut it out. I decided to try and just draw an image myself.

If you have one of those lonely unused craft items just sitting around, why not turn it into a cute gift for someone? It’s easy!

I had some gold paint laying around and used a cotton ball to apply the paint over the homemade stencil.   The cotton ball gave the paint a little texture. I used painters tape to secure the stencil.

I applied painters tape to the base of the box at an angle and painted on the gold paint to give a gold dipped look.

I decorated the inside with a piece of removable wrapping paper and all done! And there you are, an easy upcycled Christmas gift.


9 thoughts on “Make A DIY Stencil

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  1. What a sweet gift, Mary. Your friends and family are so lucky – I bet they are always getting wonderfully creative surprises from you!
    Thanks so much for the feature. You truly made my day after a very crazy weekend, lol. Have a great Monday.


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