Easy DIY Abstract Art

I know, another painting? I needed something for my office/craft room wall.  I think this’ll be it for the big paintings.  This one was so much fun to do. I found some inexpensive canvas art at the thrift store and painted them white.   I laid an old plastic shower curtain on my driveway and randomly poured paint in my favorite colors. I placed the paintings faced down on top of the paint and moved them back and forth. The shower curtain unexpectedly wrinkled, causing a really cool effect! I let them dry flat outside on the hood of my car, which was covered with a clean tarp.



This cabinet is a future project. It was a free curb find and has been living in my garage to hold storage.  I moved it into the office/craft room with the intent to use it as storage there. When I decided to top it with my parents old marble coffee table top, it turned into a nice large desk. There is enough of a ledge to sit comfortably close.

The middle knob is missing, which is OK because it’s not a real door anyway. That’s probably why it got yanked off.  I’m planning on filling the holes and painting the piece black.

My other score for this room is this chair from IKEA. Except I didn’t buy it from IKEA, someone else did for $149.00 and then donated it to Saver’s Thrift store. I tried not to fall down when I saw it for $24.99! It’s so comfy, I love it.



16 thoughts on “Easy DIY Abstract Art

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  1. Your paintings are really cool and your way is the best way to get the exact colors and type of art you want. They look just as good as some of the real art pieces at a fraction of the cost. Thanks so much for hosting another enjoyable party!


  2. Your artwork is awesome, Mary! I ♥♥♥ the colors you chose…my favorite color combo.
    What kind of paints did you use…is that a tube of oil, a can of enamel, and craft paint?
    Have a great week.


  3. Thank you for the feature Mary. I love the way the curve continues from one painting to the next. What a lovely office space you created. Thank you too for Masterpiece Monday 223. It is always a pleasure to join in.


  4. How wonderful to have such bright, beautiful colours in front of you for inspiration every day, Mary! I need to make an area to try my hand at that. I always figured I'd go to all the work to set it up and then make a mess out of it, lol.
    Thanks so much for featuring my salmon 🙂 Now I'm off to use your buttons to share your party, talented lady!


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