Updating My Bar Cart

The house has been  pretty bare looking since the Christmas tree has been stored away, Before
Christmas and putting the tree up though, I had added a bar cart to this space in our living room last
summer. I would have liked to have turned it into a hot beverage cart for Christmas, but there was no
where to put it with the tree up. So it had to live in the garage for a few weeks.

Now I get to pull it back out again. I never got around to blogging about it last Summer, so better late
than never. This was a free curb find from a few years ago and has been serving as an outdoor
potting table. It was painted white with a touch of rust and chippy paint, which was cute for the

Then we decided to use it in our pantry area of the garage as a microwave stand. It was a bit of a
dust collector out in the garage area though, so I was considering getting rid of it.
We were in the process already of purging a lot of our belongings and switching out our home decor
from Cottage Coastal to Modern Coastal.
I decided to peruse Pinterest for some bar cart ideas. I found a lot of inspiration and decided to give
the cart a new coat of paint. I liked the inspiration pictures of gold bar carts, and felt that this would
update it it. My cart had a lot of patina and texture from age. I wasn’t about to spend time sanding
and smoothing down the surface, especially with the rust and the intricate amount of curves and
crevasses, it would have taken forever.

So what to do?

I went to the paint store and looked around at the spray paint and found Rustolium with a built in
primer. I chose one that has a texture in the color Rosemary. The color is not at all green, it’s a gold
color which resembles brass. The texture of the spray paint did a fantastic job of blending in the
uneven surface of the cart. It saved me from major prep work and resulted in making the cart look
like solid brass.





We’re stocking it with just Crystal Geyser right now. In the warmer months I’ll add some plain and
flavored mineral water and other things.





This is just the basic look I’m going for right now, everything you see on the cart was a thrift store
find. I’m looking forward to changing around the styling aspects as we head into Spring and Summer!

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