Hipster Hangout in Huntington

Located in Pacific City Mall is a somewhat hidden gem known as “The Bungalow”. The first time I went to that mall, I didn’t really notice it. It doesn’t have a sign on the front, and it is designed to look and feel like you’re visiting someone’s beach house, how clever!

This is completely brand new, but they deliberately used a lot of vintage architecture.

When you first walk in you are greeted by the aroma of sandalwood and décor right out of the 1970’s.

This is one of three fireplace rooms.

Through the door to the right, is the pool table room. We lucked out and had the room to ourselves and shot a couple of rounds of pool, while listening to 70’s music.

There is a quiet, laid back atmosphere here and lot’s of cozy separate gathering areas. It’s a great place to relax.

Does anyone remember skateboards with metal wheels?

This book case has a “Let It Be” record and an 8-track tape holder!

The back patio looks like someone’s back yard and has a gorgeous view of the ocean. Those trees look completely real but are fake!

Here is the view from where we were siting outside. I love this place, we go here all of the time now.


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