Today is Our 24th Wedding Anniversary!

We spread our anniversary out over a four day weekend and worked from a bucket list.

On Friday,  we went to the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach.




We went to The Cliff Restaurant in Laguna Beach for lunch. It had an amazing view!



We walked around Laguna Beach and window shopped.




We visited The Wyland Studio Gallery.


For dinner, we went to Pacific City and ate at Ola Mexican Kitchen. Charles had tacos and I had rib eye fajitas. It was delicious! And we had a really nice view next to the window.


After that we went and relaxed at The Bungalow also in Pacific City Mall.


On Saturday, We went to Pacific City again and ate lunch at Lemonade. It was so good, I highly recommend it. It’s pretty healthy and they have a lot of Paleo choices.

On Sunday after church, we ate at Lemonade again, that’s how good it was. It is our new favorite and we are going  there today too, that’s how much we love it!

I’m off to enjoy my actual anniversary now, I’ll post more tomorrow.





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