Anniversary By The Beach

Hi everyone, I promise this will be the last post regarding my 24th wedding anniversary! I just wanted to share some pictures from yesterday, the actual anniversary day. Charles is really hard to shop for, so we went down to Newport Beach to the “He is greater than I” store to get some bumper stickers he has been wanting. I also gave him a refillable Starbuck’s card that let’s him earn free stuff. He loves his coffee! Charles got me some beautiful white roses and hydrangeas and the mermaid coffee mug from “The Plantation” which I’ve been coveting every time we go there. It has mermaids, mermen, a merdog and a mercat! We hung out at Pacific City in the court yard watching the waves and the pier. And of course, eating at Lemonade AGAIN. It was a very nice day and great mini stay-cation. Thank you for all of your kind comments.






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