Picnic At Corona Del Mar Beach


18 thoughts on “Picnic At Corona Del Mar Beach

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  1. This is my idea of a picnic! I love what you did here with all of the blue. Those glasses are adorable, and the shade of the linens is so pretty. Good job. I went nautical tonight, too, and had fun with it. Looks like you did, too. I certainly enjoyed seeing it.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday…


    Sheila :-),


  2. This is a stunning setting for a picnic! I love the blue and white, and your photos are great. The white napkins in the cute glasses really show off the fish design!


  3. Ohh this brings back memories for me!! I used to live in in Corona Del Mar and my hubby proposed to me on this beach! Love the picnic tablescape!! Beautiful job! Thanks for sharing the beach with me. 🙂



  4. I love picnics…so pretty with the different shades of blue, the tablecloth, the dishes, the water, the sky. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend, Mary!


  5. Oh my goodness I know right where you had your picnic!
    I am an interior designer and I am working on a re-model on Hazel ~~~right around the corner:)
    Darling picnic goodies!!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday!

    Kay Ellen


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